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About Us


Cochlea Pune for Hearing and Speech

Since 1998, Cochlea Pune for Hearing and Speech, a registered Charitable Trust, has been dedicated to the rehabilitation of Hearing-Impaired children in our society. Our Organisation is committed to helping every hearing-impaired baby learn to listen and speak through Early Detection and Intervention.
We specifically focus on young children, aged 0 to 6 years, who are born deaf. Cochlea Started with one center, one student, and one teacher in 1998 and now we've grown to serve Urban and Rural Areas in Pune, as well as Goa.

  • 44
    Special Educators

    Our team of 44 Special Educators
    and 4 Speech Therapists now
    support over 200 children.

  • 11

    We use hearing aids to improve
    their hearing and offer
    Speech Therapy, Rehabilitation,
    and Pre-School training
    at our 11 centers.


‘’Yes! Every Deaf Child Will Speak’’


To develop the physical, emotional and mental health of hearing-impaired children below 6 years of age, by way of therapeutic services with special emphasis on their speech and language skills through pre-primary education with the purpose of mainstreaming them into regular schools and thereby providing the opportunity of ultimately mainstreaming into the society.


Our goal is to increase awareness about childhood hearing loss, provide early diagnostic support, initiate early intervention programs, provide access to hearing technology (Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants) and enable hearing, speech and language.

The Problem

Worldwide, approximately 1 to 4 out of every 1,000 normal deliveries result in deafness at birth. However, it is important to note that these individuals are not born mute and are still able to vocalize and communicate through speech, if intervened at an early age.

Our Team

ENT Specialists


Speech Therapist

Special Educators



Social Workers


Occupational Therapists


from 1998
1 Center
1 Special Educator
1 Student
To 2023
12 Centers
1 Nodal Rehabilitation Center
1 Nodal Residential Rehabilitation Center for Mother and Child
10 Rural Centers
+44 Special Educators and Team
+200 Children