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Swaranaad Rehabilitation Center, Kothrud

Swaranaad Multidimensional Disability Rehabilitation Center for Hearing Impaired Children.

The speech and language training provided to hearing-impaired babies is a comprehensive process that typically spans a period of 3-4 years. The primary objective of this Rehabilitation Center is to facilitate their integration into mainstream education. To achieve optimal results, a dedicated and consistent approach is required, which is best delivered by trained teachers.

Recognizing this need, Cochlea Pune established the Swaranaad Rehabilitation Center in June 2009, catering exclusively to hearing-impaired children aged 3-6 years. This center is a unique facility in Maharashtra, specifically designed to address the needs of hearing-impaired children.



At the Swaranaad Rehabilitation Center, we provide a wide range of essential resources and services, all conveniently located under one roof. These include specialized speech and language training, preschool education, audiological assessments, occupational therapy, and psychological assessments.

Our center also creates a nurturing environment where children actively participate in various activities such as picnics, annual gatherings, and festive celebrations. These activities are carefully integrated with their academic pursuits, fostering their overall development and enabling them to excel in reading, writing, and recitation.

Our Facilities and Services:

    • Specialized Speech and Language Training:
Tailored programs delivered by experienced professionals to enhance communication skills.
    • Preschool Education:
A curriculum designed with a special emphasis on meeting the unique needs of hearing-impaired children, utilizing visual aids and activity-based learning.
    • Audiological Assessments:
Comprehensive assessments to evaluate and monitor hearing abilities.
    • Occupational Therapy:
Targeted therapy sessions aimed at developing fine motor skills, sensory integration, and overall growth.
  • Psychological Assessments:
  • Assessments are conducted to understand the emotional and cognitive well-being of the children.

    In addition to these services, we also provide ongoing support and guidance to parents and families through counselling sessions, recognizing their pivotal role in a child’s development and overall success. At the Swaranaad Rehabilitation Center, our primary goal is to empower hearing-impaired children to thrive in mainstream education and lead fulfilling lives. We strive to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where they can develop their skills, build confidence, and blend seamlessly into the world around them.