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Awareness Activity

Many people are unaware that deaf children can also learn to speak. Today, some people still refer to those who cannot hear as " deaf and dumb" without understanding what deafness entails. Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness in society about the condition and its treatment. Hearing loss is the reason why a child may have difficulty speaking. However, early detection and appropriate training at the right age can make a significant difference, though this information is not widely known.

To overcome the situation, Cochlea organizes various awareness activities, including early detection camps, rallies, street plays, public awareness events, social media campaigns, and newspaper articles.

In 2013-14, we organized one-day workshops across 13 talukas in Pune district for public awareness. These workshops, attended by around 500 Anganwadi teachers and Asha workers each, focused on identifying hearing-impaired children, guiding them to proper screening and training, and counselling parents.

Our detection camps comprise a team of professionals, including ENT surgeons, audiologists, special educators, counsellors, and social workers. These camps not only conduct ear screenings and diagnose hearing loss but also provide counselling for the proper fitting and use of hearing aids. Additionally, they focus on essential speech training to help hearing-impaired children communicate effectively.