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Research Papers

Cochlea Pune is also working on a research and development project focused on the rehabilitation of deaf babies in a specific region, taking into account the unique conditions of a developing country like India.

It is important to recognize that the conditions and challenges faced in countries like India differ significantly from those in developed countries such as the USA or UK, making direct comparison and application of research findings impractical. Therefore, our research and
development program has been initiated with the specific goal of addressing this gap.

Paper 1:  Prevalence and epidemiology of hearing loss in children attending Cochlea, Pune for hearing and speech

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Paper 2: Home training to hearing Impaired Children in Rural Area

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Paper 3: ICMR- Ongoing

Currently, we are conducting a research and development project under the auspices of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in Daund Taluka. Our primary objective is to establish an intervention center in a rural area, considering the unique circumstances and needs of the local population. In addition, we are rigorously evaluating all peripheral centers and studying relevant documentation as part of our research endeavors.

By focusing on the specific challenges and circumstances prevalent in our country, we strive to generate valuable insights and solutions that can effectively contribute to the rehabilitation of deaf infants in India. Through our research and development initiatives, we aim to make a meaningful impact and improve the lives of these children and their families.