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Started with 1 student and 1 special educator at Morya Hospital Chinchwad.


Cochlea Pune for hearing and speech was registered as an NGO.

2002 to 2005
  • Dr. Avinash Wachasundar received ‘Chimanlal Gujarati Purashkar’ from the Chimanlal Gujarati Trust.
  • First Annual gathering celebration

Screening of babies admitted to NICU at Kamala Nehru Hospital Pune and Talera Hospital at Chinchwad and PIP (Parent Infant Program) designed according to need of each child


In a slum area called Pawarvasti near Dapodi,Pune, a training centre for HI children 0-6 yrs was started.


A pilot project of preschool for HI children was initiated


“SWARANAAD”- preschool for HI children was inaugurated on 15th June 2009, supported by 8 trained teachers and 5 support teachers for 25 deaf children in the age group 3 to 6 years at Shivajinagar.

  • DHLS-Training for Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech was initiated .
  • Parent Training program- a very successful program was initiated after a lot of research.
  • Swaranaad Outreach center started at Rajgurunagar (Khed -60 km from Pune) with the support of Dr. Khadke and family.
  • Swaranaad Outreach center was inaugurated at Y. C. M hospital Pimpri with special support of Mr. Yogeshji Bahl, Dr. Deshmukh, and Dr. Bhagat.
  • As number of children increased Swaranaad was shifted to Kapil Towers near Pune Railway station in an area of 2000 sq ft.
  • Shri Manoharji Parikar, Chief Minister of Goa graced the ‘Tilgul Samarambha’ of Swaranaad children. He talked to the children and was very much impressed by their speech.
  • Mrs Raksha Deshpande was awarded the ‘Lokmat Sakhi Sanman puraskar’.
  • The first publication of Cochlea, “Hoy! Pratyek Karna badhir mool Bolel!!”, written by Dr. Avinash Wachasundar and Mrs. Raksha Deshpande was published in Jan 2014.
  • Dr Avinash Wachasundar was invited to give a presentation in the WHO meeting at Delhi.
  • Swaranaad Outreach center started at Fonda Goa with special support of Sharada Granth Prasarak Mandal and Mrs. Ranade Madam.
  • Swaranaad Outreach center started at Porvorim- Goa with special support of Angha Wachasundar Pratishthan
  • Swaranaad Outreach center started at Manchar with special support of Dr. Todkar and family
  • The NGO ‘Bhasha’ had organized ‘chala goshti vinuya’(Lets weave a story) program for kindergarten children. The kids from Swaranaad won the prize as they made and told the story from the few words given to them. The audience also was astounded at their capacity of thinking and making a story and on top of that telling it, Inspite of being born deaf.
  • Mrs Raksha Deshpande was awarded the ‘Ranwara Krudadnyata Puraskar’, by Vanchit Vikas.
  • Shrimati Anjali Bhide was awarded the ‘Ratnalikar Puraskar’ for her dedicated work in teaching the hearing impaired children.
  • Swaranaad Outreach center started at Dapoli with special support of Dr. Ghangurde and family.
  • The first hearing impaired lady to complete the DECSE course for teaching the hearing impaired children
  • Swaranaad Outreach center started at Narayangaon with special support of Dr. Khaire and family
  • Swaranaad Outreach center started at Daund in collaboration with I. C.M. R (Research Project)
  • Pusalkar Swaranaad Residential Rehabilitation Center for mother and Hearing impaired child- a Dream Project was inaugurated at Urawade, Mulshi supported by Mr. Vijayji Pusalkar and Seva UK Team.
  • Swaranaad Outreach center started at Kudal, Sindhururg with the support of DR. Amogh Chube and Lions club of Kudal.
  • Swaranaad Shifted to the Kothrud premises and started "Swaranaad Multidiementional Disability rehabilitation center for hearing impaired children" in collaboration with PMC
  • Participation in Rikshaw Run Organised by Seva UK

Fullfleged Kothrud Swaranaad Center provides all Rehabilitation facilities under one roof.


Cochlea Pune for Hearing and Speech awarded by Devida Roberts Award -2023 of Pune Prarthana Samaj. This is in recognition of contribution to work for Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired Children.