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Pusalkar Swaranaad-Residential Rehabilitation Center

Residential Rehabilitation Center


Cochlea Pune has started/ a unique Mother & Child Residential program at Urawade, Tal. Mulshi, Pune to address the challenges faced by parents of hearing-impaired (HI) children in rural areas and other districts.

By providing a residential program, Cochlea Pune is ensuring that parents and their HI children can stay in a supportive environment while receiving the necessary speech and language training. This approach is particularly beneficial for families who face financial and family reasons that make it difficult for them to come to Pune and stay for an extended period.

The residential program not only provides access to the necessary services available at Swaranaad Rehabilitation Center in Kothrud but also creates a conducive environment for learning and development.

Being in a residential setting allows parents and children to fully immerse themselves in the training program, ensuring consistent and focused attention.

Additionally, by bringing together mothers and their children in the same program, Cochlea Pune fosters a strong bond between them. This bond can further enhance the effectiveness of the training and create a support network among the participating families.

Overall, the unique Mother & Child Residential program offered by Cochlea Pune in Urawade, Tal. Mulshi, Pune is a commendable initiative that aims to bridge the gap in services and support for HI children and their parents in rural areas and other districts.